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Alumni Association

Alumni are a formal association of the college’s pass out students. The association is formed and managed by the former students of the college. Association is made with the aim of maintaining a cordial and cooperative relation with the present and former students. Association is also dedicated to develop a long term association and cooperation with the college and former students; and contribute to the college in best possible ways.

Association often organizes various events such as alumni meet, seminars, webinars, social and academic events, and raise fund for the association. Association contributes to the college in various academic and non academic activities; and become motivational and guiding element for the present students as well as creates a value addition in the college profile. Association truly contributes to the college in many direct and indirect ways and has become a valuable asset for the college.

Committee Members:

1. Mrs. Prachi Pandey President

2. Mr. Govind Deshmukh Vise President

3. Miss. Viniti Hirwani Treasurer

4. Mr. Nikhil Chandrakar Secretary

5. Mr. Tameshwar Das Deputy Secretary

6. Mrs. Kalpana Sahu Member

7. Miss. Rajeshwari Patel Member

8. Mr. Ashish Kumar Member

9. Mr. Abhishek Kumar Member

10. Mrs. Hiteshwari Sahu Member

11 Mrs. Shashi Deshmukh Member


1. Develop a cordial and cooperative relationship between former and current students.

2. To develop and maintain long term relation with the college and contribute in best possible way.

3. Organize various academic and non academic events; and contribute in the development of present students as well as to improve the college profile.

4. To develop a formal platform to meet, interact and share ideas with alumni member and keep associated with college and its ongoing activities.

5. To guide and motivate present students and share experience.

6. To provide a value addition in the teaching learning process on the basis of knowledge and experience and become a valuable asset for the college.


1. Develop and maintain a regular mode of communication between former students and college; and create a cordial relationship among them.

2. Identify the ability of former students and utilize it to guide and motivate the current students of college.

3. To encourage the former students to participate in activities which contribute to the general development of the college.

4. To identify and facilitate the achievers among the former students, share their success story to motivate students.

5. To create and maintain a formal platform for the wide range of communication and discussion.

6. To provide valuable inputs to help the current students, to explore the various aspects of life and become valuable addition in the college profile.

7. To maintain a proper contact base of the former students, and work as a positive and collective force.

Activity and Events

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