Chairman Desk

“बेटी बचाओ, बेटी पढ़ाओ”

Education is not only about academic excellence, it also include character building and creating positive and productive citizen for the nation building. We started our journey in the field of education with the vision of providing quality education and excellent infrastructure, especially in the rural area and produce skilled and knowledgeable students with the sense of social responsibility and ability to make changes in the society. Girls education is the area of main concern in our society, I have experienced that, the girls education is not been taken very seriously in our society. Due to, several reasons such as long distance of colleges, unavailability of proper transportation and various social economical constrains. These are some of the reasons which are a hindrance in the path of girl’s education. It was the time; I have established Shaildevi Educational Society in the year of 2012 in rural area to educate the students and to provide the higher education for their overall development. These are some of the factors which motivated me to go ahead and start a new journey in the field of higher education.

My philosophy towards education is to provide holistic development of the students along with providing employment oriented education to the students through higher education, so that they can become self dependent and make their contribution in the nation building. I have realized that skill developments are the key factors for providing employment for the youth. There for we are working to provide high quality education and motivate student to prepare themselves for the future challenges. College facilitates students for skill development as well as prepare for various competitive exams. Our main focus is to provide productive and progressive students with strong knowledge and skill base. The vision of the college allows our students to not only face the present challenges and accept individual responsibilities for the society as well as the Nation. The nation building is possible only when every individual of the nation ensures their cooperation in the development of the society.

Mr.Rajan Kuamr Dubey