Computer Science

The department of Computer Science is one of the leading department in the college, with excellent infrastructure and facilities. The department was established in the academic year of 2011-12, with the objective of providing quality education with excellent facilities, in the region. The department provides wide range of courses with qualified and experienced faculties. Advance computer lab and internet facilities are available to explore the practical knowledge of the students. Department is dedicated towards quality education with the hands-on practical knowledge of the subject. Being aware of updates on technologies and industries scenario students are trained and prepared for the future challenges as potential professionals.

Computer sector has huge opportunity. It creates lots of job prospects in various fields of IT sector. It provides huge scope for the students, to create new startup and become entrepreneur. Department of Computer Science is fully dedicated to provide suitable environment, adequate teaching, and appropriate training, so that students can avail the various opportunities. Being in the era of internet and social media, moral and ethical values play a huge role in social life. Department of computer science is not only working towards technical enhancement but developing moral and ethical values of the students, to make them proud and productive citizens with excellent human values.