The department of Humanities is one of the enriched department of Shaildevi Mahavidyalaya. It started in the academic year of 2012-13 with the vision of to develop understanding and knowledge of issues affecting the social economical factors of the society along with holistic development of the students. The department of Humanities enrich the students for the fundamental rights creativity and culture of Indian heritage. Students are encouraged to participates in the activities to learn and improve social factors for good living life in the society. Students can put there valuable efforts for the nation and creates favorable condition in formation of developing country. Humanities stream have lot of opportunities for the field of civil services, defense services and education as well.

The study of humanities is attracting the students of other fields as well to understand the social economical and human ethical value system in the society. Study of humanities is creating ground to explore individual consciousness, human values and social responsibility. Prepare students to deal with adverse situation and different social and political value system. In the larger prospect the study of humanities in the department is on the process of developing capable, productive and proud citizen with excellent human values.