The master of social work (MSW) stated in the academic year of 2020-21. With the aim of set up milestone in the field of social work. This program endeavors to make Globally Competent, Socially significant and locally relevant to trained human beings in the field of social work.

The department believes in promoting maximum human potential, skills development, equal opportunities, social justice, respect for diversity and anti-discrimination environment within society. To provides moral values, ethics and knowledge for development and to face challenges of real life through education. Students are encouraged for professional education to develop inside positivity.

In the current scenario, working environment is not very satisfactory for the ground level workers. Lots of social, economical and humanitarian issues are adversely affecting the scenario. Ground level worker plays a very important role in the growth of social economical factor of any society. It become very important to resolve the issues, disputes and discrimination and develop healthy working environment on the ground level.

MSW provides excellent platform for the people interested in Social Work, it develop understanding about the importance and impact of social work in the society. It provides post graduate degree, along with huge scope in the form of jobs, NGO and research work, in the field of social work.

Program Objective:

• Understand the concept, importance and social economical impact of social work.

• Learn to adopt value base, ethical and social standards of social work.

• Develop knowledge and skill set for the professional social work practices.

• Practice and evolve social work with inclusive mindset, without any discrimination in society.

• Understand and explore the knowledge, structure and various subsidiary fields of social work along with its history.

• Apply the acquired knowledge in the diversified society and different social economical system.

• Understand, analyze and practice the government rules, regulation and policies for the betterment of society.

• Develop the research oriented mind set and promote research work in the field of social work.

• Involve and motivate various stakeholders of the society in social work, coordinate and communicate well for the proper execution of the program.

Program Outcome

• Develop understanding of social work, promote principles of social justice, human rights and anti oppressive social practices in the society.

• Involve in self motivated and monitored continuous professional development in the field of social work.

• Develop research oriented mind set for the continuous update in the knowledge base and evolution of the practices.

• Apply the knowledge of social economical system and human behavior to promote the scenario of social work.

• To become responsible and accountable for the social work along with developing the skills of planning, communicating, managing and evaluating.

• Recognize the responsibilities of social workers in protecting service users and the public within legal contexts.

• To act immediately and effectively as a social worker in a variety of social work system in the multidimensional social economical scenario.